This page contains links to specific training exercises. I start with this list as soon as puppy arrives at my house (generally when the pup is between 7 and 12 weeks old). It is not an exhaustive list, but contains most of the approaches I have used and had success with. I'm assuming that you are familiar with clicker training. A demonstration of how to use the clicker with a real live person and dog is invaluable before getting started. I teach all my "new" behaviors with a clicker. I find it very effective during learning. As with everything, there are many ways to teach each exercise, depending on your patience and your dog's motivation and temperament. If you are new to training, and/or need a quick definition of luring, molding and shaping, click here.

1. Focus and Attention
First things first. The most important concept for your dog to master is good focus and attention on you, the handler.

2. Sit, Down and Stand
Once you have good focus, you can start to work on more complicated commands. For IPO we need sit, down and stand positions.

3. Hier (front)
Once you have taught the focus and the sit, you may find that the dog is close to being in the front position.

4. Article Indication
This exercise is easy to do entirely by shaping. Put a well scented article on the ground and click and reward when the dog looks at it.

5. Targetting
Targetting is a useful exercise for teaching a dog to go to a particular position.

6. Heel Position
This is another one which is easy to do with luring, using food, or a target stick to help move the dog in to position.

7. Heeling
Once the basic position is taught, we need to start moving. You can do this in several ways.

8. Out Command
You have probably started playing with your dog with toys by now, so we need to teach the out.

9. Retrieve
First, find a dumbbell the appropriate size for your dog or puppy. Starting with something smaller and lighter than a SchH1 dumbbell will help to increase the speed of learning for a small dog or pup.

10. Jumps and Walls
Teaching correct jumping and wall scaling technique is important for the safety of the dog as well as points.

11. Motion Exercises
Once sit, down, stand and heeling have been taught, it is time to move on to the motion exercises.

12. Voraus (Go Out)
Teaching a voraus begins with a target point, you can use a food bowl, target stick, ball hung from a tree...

13. Blind Search
A ball or tug can be placed on the ground or hung inside the blind.